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This City’s Police Department Promoted White Nationalism On Its Facebook Page

New Jersey’s Matawan Police Department used its Facebook page to publicize racism and white nationalism in an explicit photo, which was later taken down.

Photo credits: The Matawan Patch Newspaper

An overwhelming number of cases have been nationally publicized, which deal with dead black victims who lost their lives during violent incidents involving the police.

Many of these high-profile cases that have been reported over the last several years account for black males who ended up murdered by police officers. Some of these black men were shot and killed for reasons as minuscule as selling cigarettes. Eric Garner of New York City lost his life in an identical scenario, which could’ve been prevented.

However, very recently, in New York’s neighboring state of New Jersey, a rogue police department added insult to an already horrible injury by posting an inflammatory picture on its agency Facebook page a few days ago. In the photo, seven white male officers with the Matawan Police Department are posing during a blizzard.

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