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Cheating Woman Busted By Both Boyfriends In Fake Proposal

When a man discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him with another man, instead of simply walking away, he wanted his revenge.

In a pair of videos, the wronged boyfriend is seen having enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s other man in a fake proposal that would leave the cheating woman red-faced.

The prank began with the first man seemingly surprising his girlfriend at her work, which appears to be at a large sports bar and restaurant.

See Video Below.

In the video, as he approaches her behind a desk in a white T-shirt, she looks pleased to see him and comes out front.

The soon-to-be exes hug and have a chat before he springs a surprise on her, and lowers down to one knee.

All of the woman’s co-workers coo and cheer and exclaim ‘oh my god!’ but the man filming the encounter ominously suggests that something will happen ‘when he grab her hand.’

As the woman raises her hands to her face in shock and delight, the man appears to be looking around nervously.

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