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The Challenges Of Being A Woman Who Is Happy Being Single

Believe it or not women can live a fulfilling and happy life with or without a man. Unfortunately happily single women have to deal with the struggles of being a girl who’s happy without a man.

1. No one believes you. Even though you don’t mind being alone and you actually enjoy it, no one else will believe you. They think you’re just trying to put on a brave face to hide the fact that you’re hiding the pain of being alone.

2. Your success is ignored. When you talk about your big promotion or success at work, others will be happy for you… Then they will wonder if your career is more important than your love life and think that may be the reason you don’t have a boyfriend.

3. Friends insist on setting you up. Your friends will try to play matchmaker and claim they know the perfect man for you even if you’ve made it clear that you are not interested!

4. Your family isn’t happy with you. Even though you’re happy being single, your parents may not be if they are waiting on grandchildren.

5. Men assume you want something more. Men don’t understand that women may just want sex without wanting to date them and will keep pestering you to go out with them again.

6. You can’t have male friends. If you post a picture of yourself with a man online, or mention a male coworker in conversation, everyone will think you’re interested in him and push you to make a move.

7. You’re always the third wheel. Even though you’re happy to be single, it’s frustrating to be the only one in your friend group who’s unattached. No matter how much you love your friends’ boyfriends, sometimes you just want a girl’s night out.

8. Everyone assumes you’re living a crazy life. Some of your married friends will tell you how jealous they are of you, because you get to drink and go out all the time. Just because you are single, people assume you don’t have any responsibilities and you’re out having fun 24/7.

9. You can’t escape couples. It’s rare for a movie to end without two characters in a happy relationship. Sometimes you wish the plot would focus more on a woman’s career than on her love life.

10. You’re accused of being a bitch. If you constantly turn down men, you’ll be accused of being selfish, bitchy, and cold.

There is nothing wrong with you for wanting to remain single, it’s a life choice and you shouldn’t let the judgement over others change that. Do what makes you happy!

SOURCE: www.bolde.com

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