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You Can Change Your Life By Waking Up Before 8am

Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, Fulfill Your Dreams – Simply By Rising Early

My life first fell apart in 1999, when I was 20 years old. Coming home from a night out with friends, my little sports car was hit head-on by a lorry traveling at 80mph. My body was shattered, and my heart stopped beating for six minutes.

The second time was in 2007 when the U.S. economy crashed, and my fledgling business as a life coach took a dramatic hit. Overnight my income was halved. I was in debt and couldn’t pay my bills. Mentally, emotionally and financially, I reached rock bottom.

Seeing how low I’d got, a close friend advised me to start running in the morning. ‘It’ll make you feel better and think clearer,’ he said.

He was right – but it wasn’t about the running. I hated running back then, and anyway I wasn’t sure that my pelvis, which was broken in three places in the car crash, could take it. No, what made the difference was getting up early.

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