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What Would You Do?: Bride-To-Be Outraged By Mother-In-Law’s Plans To Wear White To Her Wedding

Would YOU wear white to your son’s wedding? Bride-to-be is left outraged by her mother-in-law’s plans to be ‘the centre of attention’ on her big day


Weddings take many forms these days; from festival-inspired gatherings in fields to sit-down dinners for 200.

But certain traditions remain in place regardless of how unconventional the ceremony might be – like that which dictates guests should refrain from wearing white, to avoid upstaging the bride.

But one ‘hurt’ bride-to-be has told how her own mother-in-law plans to wear white to her wedding – and she can’t help but think it’s a ‘fingers up’ to her.

She revealed her dilemma in a post on the UK parenting site Mumsnet, explaining she was torn over whether to confront her husband-to-be’s mother, or say nothing in the interests of ‘keeping the peace’.

Credit: Ivan Nakonechnyy,

Her post received a flood of responses from fellow mums who agreed it was inappropriate of her mother-in-law to wear white – but many admitted they would swallow their annoyance rather than risk causing a family row ahead of the wedding.

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