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Breaking News: Wyclef Jean Speaks Out On Being Handcuffed: ‘I feel like it’s abuse of power’ ‘I was scared for my life’

Wyclef Jean recounts moment deputies pulled him out of his car at gunpoint in ‘racial profiling’ incident and says he was ‘targeted because he was a black man’

Wyclef Jean is speaking out about the incident early Tuesday morning in which he was handcuffed by L.A. sheriff’s deputies who mistook him for a robbery suspect.  Clef is upset about the incident, but not because he has a problem with the police.

Wyclef / Robin Roberts – GMA Screen Shot

“As a person who has law enforcement in their family — I mean I ran for president of a country — I understand law and order,” he tells ABC Radio.

Part of the incident was captured on video, but he says the really scary part was not.

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“When I got out the car, the part that y’all did not see…is the quick roll-up on me, and the guns drawn,” he tells ABC Radio.  “Your mind is going 360 miles an hour..I’m being pulled over. Now I’m being handcuffed. My bandana is being pulled off my head. I still don’t know why.”

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