Body Falls Out Of Coroner’s Van Into Traffic

The identity of a body that fell out of a coroner’s van was not made public, but it is believed that it is still dead.

The Olympian reports that Olympia Police Lt. Paul Lower said that two gurneys, including one carrying a deceased person, fell out of the back of a coroner’s van and into traffic Monday afternoon.

The coroner’s van was returning to the Thurston County Coroner’s Office after responding to a home death.

The gurney with the dead body was found in the middle of the intersection, while the second gurney rolled down the street and was found in a parking lot.

Lower said two police officers were near the scene when the incident was reported and they were able to handle traffic in the area. The coroner’s office also was notified and returned to pick up the body and gurneys.

Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock said a preliminary investigation is under way to determine whether the cause of the incident was mechanical or human error.

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