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#BlackFathersRock A Man Throws His Own Baby Shower For His Unborn Son

Baby showers and gender parties are typically a “girl” thing, but one decided to flip the gender roles.

The father-to-be, who goes by the name @woodrowfinest on Instagram threw his own baby shower recently. His page is private but according to the post on The Shade Room, he and the child’s mother are no longer together so he decided to have his own with his friends and family.

The caption read, “This dude had his own baby shower y’all! Him and the mother of his child are no longer together so he decided to have his own! Thoughts?”

The man is expecting a son. One Instagram user re-posted  the original post on their page, in which the expecting father explains that he no longer has a bond with the mother of his unborn child, but he plans to the best father he could be.

“S/O TO MY PEOPLES YALL SHOWED OUT???????????!!!!!”. He posted on his Instagram, “didn’t know how I was going pull this off with no baby mama being involved some people talked about me but I put my pride to the side and decided to throw a daddy shower and I had so much fun I was nervous at first because I was doing it alone but I’m a father first and I know what’s best for my mine . My family/friends MY WHOLE support system is so FUCKING ?? strong I want to thank each and every last one of y’all I “APPRECIATE” this so much y’all just don’t know , it’s y’all thats keeping me going , and I promise y’all I’m going be the best father I can be and I know Winston would’ve been right here with us so I’m going ball for all of us my journey is just getting started.”