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Black Parents Share Their Experiences With Police With Their Kids

Black Children Break Down In Tears In Emotional Video As Their Parents Detail Their Own Experiences With Police To Teach Them How To Deal With Cops Safely.

A heartbreaking video shows black parents and children alike becoming emotional as they discuss how to handle encounters with police officers.

The new clip, produced by WatchCut, sees several parents of young children share their own personal experiences with law enforcement as well as reveal the instructions their little ones have memorized in order to keep them safe.

The overarching lesson taught by the parents in the video is that while ‘there are lots of great police officers out there, there are also some police officers that are not so good’ – but either way, it’s important to follow instructions and remain calm and respectful.

‘We actually have a line that we do at our house, we practice this thing,’ explains one father, sitting next to his young daughter, before turning to ask her: ‘What is it?’

The little girl immediately raises her arms and states: ‘I am Arriell Sky Williams, I’m eight years old. I am unarmed and I have nothing that will hurt you.’

Another parent, a mother with two children with her, explains how cops are people before they become police, and therefore bring their own ideas, opinions and prejudices into the job with them

‘How about that time when they pulled us over and they arrested me, and left all of you guys sitting in the car on the side of the road?’ she says. ‘And nobody knew how to drive, all because the bumper was kind of hanging off.’

Another mom was pulled over because the police said her rear break light wasn’t working, but after the ordeal discovered that they were working just fine.

One dad describes to his daughter – who could only be in her early teens – that when he was her age he was grabbed by police and thrown onto a police car when he had done nothing wrong.

Another father then describes an experience so harrowing that it leaves his daughter in tears.

‘I remember being put in handcuffs for something that had nothing to do with me, I was literally just walking in the mall,’ he says. ‘Cops slammed me down, busted my lip, chipped my tooth – actually made me really mad.’

Later in the video he adds: ‘I got tazed that time. That time they tazed me because they said I wasn’t complying.’

At that point his little girl wells up and begins to cry, so he takes her into his arms and tells her: ‘It’s okay, I’m alive, right? Every day I get to see you.’

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