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Black Chicago Man Has Had Enough After Firefighter Holds Him At Gunpoint While Trying To Run Errand

Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department Are Under Fire For Racial Profiling Incident

By: Eboni Walker

Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department are under fire for not properly disciplining anyone for a racial profiling incident.

Two months ago, Jermaine Smith was held at gunpoint who was later identified as a firefighter. Smith said he was running errands in Bridgeport, Chicago when a man ran from the inside of a house saying he was a police officer.

While pointing a gun at Smith, he demanded Smith to tell him why he was in the neighborhood.

“He identified himself as a police officer and said, ‘Get on the ground. What are you doing in the neighborhood? Get on the ground before I shoot you,’” Smith recalled.

On a police report, it was confirmed that the firefighter had a gun in his possession.

“John’s calling in; caller says he has a gun and he caught a guy breaking into his vehicle. He’s holding him at that location. He’s got a concealed carry,” the radio report indicated.