Biracial Twins With Different Complexions Talk About Their Struggles

Black And White Biracial Twins Discuss The Challenges Of Growing Up Including Bullying And Being Told To “Choose A Side”.

When Breana Cincotta was seven, she asked to see her own birth certificate.

She was convinced she was adopted and wanted to see the proof. Her mother Marilyn showed it to her and convinced her it wasn’t the case.

At school, Breana had been struggling to make friends and was even bullied. Her classmates would ask if Marilyn was her real mom or if Breana was actually adopted. Eventually she had started to believe it.

Why? Breana looks white but her twin sister Brittney looks black.

As a child of a black mom and a white dad, Breana was called albino and was even told she had to ‘choose a side’ between black and white.

Children at her elementary and middle schools in Fayetteville, North Carolina, would tease her while her sister made friends with ease.

Now 21, Breana isn’t bullied anymore, but she and Brittney still face constant disbelief that they are even related.

Much like two biracial twins from Illinois who had their picture go viral in January. Kalani and Jarani Dean were born last April and also have different skin tones. Kalani has lighter skin and Jarani has darker skin.

Their mother, Whitney Meyer, said that no one believes her daughters are twins. No one believes that Brittney and Breana are twins either.

‘It’s the normal routine for me now,’ Brittney told ‘They’re never going to believe it just on my word. Even when they see my mom and dad, they’re like, ooh, that’s your real dad? Or that’s your real mom? Or are one of y’all adopted? We get that a lot, too.’

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