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Bette Midler In Hot Water With Black Women After She Sent This Tweet

“Your privilege is showing”: Bette Midler reminds us that white feminists have a lot of work to do

By Michaé Baisden

Thursday, iconic actress Bette Midler got feminism oh-so-very wrong.


Now before I show you all the receipts the Black community had to pull for Ms. Bette, let me start by saying that I understand women are outraged as we await the final stages of the Kavanaugh confirmation.  I have seen the uproar of white women. They are raising their swords, riding in on their horses and they are ready to f’ some stuff up.

And women should be protesting and speaking out against this nomination. It could change the course of American law, and it may change the way women take care of their bodies.

But white women, ya’ll have to do better. White feminists get themselves in trouble every time they attempt to compare their oppression to that of Black women/people. It’s not landing Ms. Bette, because it’s not true.