‘Being Fat Is Not Beautiful’ Sweatshirt Infuriates Social Media

Social media goes into a frenzy after sweatshirt is released from popular boutique

By: Eboni Walker

Revolve, an online fashion boutique is receiving major backlash from a sweatshirt that was released on its site.

The boutique released a sweatshirt from one of their collaborative brands that read “Being fat is not beautiful it’s an excuse. According to the company, it is an “as said to” comment left on plus-size model Paloma Elsesser’s Instagram account.

Twitter and Instagram users immediately pointed out the issue with the sweatshirt, which was photographed on a thin model. The top is currently selling for $168.

Plus-size Cosmopolitan UK cover girl Tess Holliday, was one of the first influencers to speak on the matter. In a post made on Wednesday Holliday tweeted, “LOLLLL @REVOLVE Y’all are a mess.”

Plus-size model responding to offensive sweatshirts
Photo: Twitter

After becoming aware of the situation, Elsesser said that she was mortified with how her quote has been used and asked for it to be pulled from the project immediately and entirely.