Baltimore Toddler Pulled From Hot Car An Hour After Her Dad Was Killed In Front Of Her

The moment a toddler was pulled from a baking hot car by police an hour after her father was shot dead in front of her in Baltimore has become a symbol of the record breaking homicide rates in the city this year.

Ernest Solomon, 26, was sprayed with bullets outside his car on March 27 in front of a busy carryout in West Baltimore and died soon after being taken to hospital.

In a bid not to contaminate the scene and inadvertently tamper with potential evidence police did not open Solomon’s car immediately after the incident.

See Video Below.
However after hearing a ‘whimper’ emanating from the vehicle officers ordered car keys from Solomon’s pockets to be returned to the scene so they could open the vehicle.

‘The windows were tinted very dark when they looked inside the vehicle they discovered a baby, a little girl, who looked to be at least a year or less was in a car seat inside of that vehicle,’ Baltimore police spokesman Detective Donnie Moses told WBAL.

The 10-month-old baby, wearing a pink and white onesie under a black sweatsuit, was pulled from the car as onlookers and police watched on with their mouths agape.

Police are not sure how long the victim or the child had been there before the shooting but reports suggest officers were first called to the scene about 1:15pm but the unnamed baby was pulled out at around 2:45pm.

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