Baltimore Cops Allegedly Filmed Placing Drugs In A Car Before Search

New video allegedly showing Baltimore police officers planting evidence has emerged just days after it was revealed that footage of similar actions had led to the dismissal of dozens of drugs cases in the city.

The footage is claimed to show several officers in the Maryland city collaborating to place drugs in a car which were later found during a search which led to an arrest.

The events, which has led to charges being dropped in at least one case, were captured by multiple police body cameras while officers were seemingly unaware that their actions were being recorded, the public defender’s office said.

The videos allegedly show the search of a car in Baltimore, with officers turning the cameras off and on several times.

‘When the cameras come back on one officer is seen squatting by the driver’s seat area. The group of officers then wait approximately 30 seconds,’ the Baltimore Public Defender’s office said in a statement to the Baltimore Sun.

Scroll down for video.

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