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Balancing Act: Who Comes First, Your Partner Or Your Job? By Michael Baisden

Balancing Act: Who Comes First, Your Partner Or Your Job? By Michael Baisden

To understand the challenge of finding balance in a relationship you must first understand the mentality of an entrepreneur or those who are trying to climb the corporate ladder. Our days don’t start with the routine of breakfast, kissing the wife and kids goodbye and then fighting traffic with a cup of Starbucks in our hands. Yes, this may be our process but it’s not our mindset. From the time we awake, usually without an alarm clock, our minds are moving 100 miles an hour. We lay in bed for five or ten minutes running our schedules through our minds to make sure nothing was missed. Simultaneously we’re calculating how we can best invest our time throughout the day because time is both our greatest asset and our enemy.

The dream is what drives us, fulfills us, and it’s our way of cementing our legacy. No man or woman wants to leave this life without leaving his or her mark on the world and making lots of money in the process. The dream can also be your most difficult obstacle in maintaining a fulfilling relationship. While experts my preach putting family first, “Go Getters’ know that advice is not always possible or even realistic, not if you want to reach the top!

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  • Truth…even in the Corporate world there were times when I worked on Holidays like thanksgiving because of the yield…I would make a half weeks pay in one day…I needed to be sure that my children were well taken care of. I worked many jobs where holidays were when I was needed most. It snows at Christmas and New year…Many times my Career came first…but you know I think that my children resent me for it now. I did what I had to do to take care of them…Now I am searching for healing for ME and my house…I will finally do what my heart is telling me to do! One off my business startups is going to be successful, I just know it! Hahahahahahaha! I Love you! Hahahahahahaha

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