Baby Kidnapped 18 Years Ago Found Alive Living With Abductor

Baby Girl Who Was Kidnapped By A Woman Dressed As A Nurse From The Hospital 18 Years Ago Is Found Alive And Living With Her Abductor.

A newborn baby who was kidnapped from a Florida hospital 18 years ago by a woman pretending to be a nurse has been found alive and well in South Carolina.

The mystery of Kamiyah Mobley became a national sensation when she was taken from her mother’s arms at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville in July 1998.

Jacksonville police have since revealed the teen found out on Friday morning that the woman who has raised her in Walterboro her whole life is not her real mother.

Gloria Williams, 51, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference with custody.

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3c1ad8f300000578-0-the_mystery_of_kamiyah_mobley_the_baby_who_was_kidnapped_from_a_-m-21_1484328953522Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said she will be extradited back to Florida and is being held without bond.

The sensational news shuts closed a cold case that accumulated more than 2,500 leads and tips and captivated both the city and the country for more than a decade.

It was a tip last year that led Jacksonville police to South Carolina, where they found an 18-year-old woman with Kamiyah Mobley’s birth date but a different name.

They soon found out that fraudulent documents had been used to establish her identity.

A DNA sample from the teen was taken and submitted to a crime lab, where it was matched with the original newborn DNA taken the day Kamiyah was born.

The test confirmed the teen was, in fact, Kamiyah.

Sheriff Williams revealed that the name the teen has used for the last 18 years will not be revealed.

‘She’s going to need time and assistance to process all of this, so we are respecting her privacy.’

Sheriff Williams said Kamiyah appears to be in ‘good health’ and a ‘normal 18-year-old woman’.

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