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Attack Of Teenage Girl Caught On Video At Arkansas Mall

Shoppers Filmed Attack Of Teenage Girl At Arkansas Mall Watching Her Get Punched And Stomped On While Trying To Run Away.

A brutal attack on a teenage girl at an Arkansas mall was caught on camera by shoppers who have been slammed for doing nothing as the teenager was beaten.

The girl, who has not been named, was seen walking away from her attacker at Central Mall in Fort Smith when the larger girl ran after her.

She threw her to the ground by her hair and began punching her in the face while by-standers filmed the fracas.

After being stamped on repeatedly, the teenager was able to run to a nearby store for help.


Fort Worth Police arrested the attacker, who is also under 18, for battery.

It is not clear why the girls were fighting or if the victim suffered any serious injuries.

Fort Smith Police Department was not immediately available for comment.


In the footage, the girl is seen walking towards electronic doors with her back turned to her attacker carrying a plastic shopping bag in one hand.

Seconds later, the attacker ran towards her, slamming her to the ground by her hair and dragging her back outside to be beaten.

She began punching her in the face repeatedly and kicking her as others watched.

The victim at one point held her hands up to protect her face as her attacker continued to pummel her head.

She can be heard screaming in the footage as other shoppers walked by. Eventually she was able to climb to her feet and run for help.


Officers slammed the bystanders who filmed the attack, describing their choice to record the fight instead of helping the victim as ‘sickening’.

‘I think the worst thing is in our society is if you were there, you thought it was a better idea to film this other than intervene and stop, that’s what’s disturbing to me.

‘It’s sickening to me,’ Sergeant Daniel Grubbs told 5 News.¬†

Thousands of others condemned the footage on social media.

Central Mall’s representatives did not respond to calls on Wednesday morning.


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