Apple Reveals Its Best Ever Smartphone With FaceID Starting At $1,000

Following months of anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled its souped-up ‘anniversary’ phone, the iPhone X.

The $999 iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display with richer colours, and facial recognition software called Face ID that allows users to unlock the phone without the need for a fingerprint reader or physical home button.

Apple has also revealed the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, alongside an upgrade to the Apple Watch and a higher-definition Apple TV.

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, took to the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new Apple Park ‘spaceship’ campus – widely considered to be the final product designed by Jobs, who died in 2011.

He began with a tribute to Steve Jobs: ‘It was only fitting that Steve should open his theater,’ he said.

‘There’s not a day we don’t think of him, memories have come rushing back as we prepared for today. It’s taken time, but we can now reflect with joy instead of sadness. We dedicate this theater because we loved him, and he loved days like this.’

‘We’re here today to talk about some incredible products.’

iPhone X

Having revealed several new devices throughout the presentation Tim Cook unveiled the much anticipated iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten).

Cook said: ‘We’re not stopping there, we have one more thing.

‘Our teams have been hard at work for years on the future of the smartphone.

‘Now, ten years later it is only fitting we are here, in this place on this day that will set the path for for technology for the next decade.’

A video then showed the iPhone X in action.

Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple explained: ‘It is all screen, it is beautiful to look at, incredible to hold. There has never been anything like it.’

The phone features a glass front and back, with a band around the edge made from surgical grade stainless steel, as well as an edgeless display.

The iPhone will be dust and waterproof at a microscopic level.

iPhone X has an all new display, called the ‘super retina display.’

On the diagonal, the display is 5.8 inch, with over two million pixels – the highest resolution and pixel density ever seen in an iPhone.

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