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Anger Explodes After Kevin Hart And Eniko Gave Their Son A ‘Cowboys And Indians’ Themed Party

Fans Are Heated When The ‘Cowboys And Indians’ Party Surfaced For Baby Kenzo’s First Birthday

By: Brianna Wigfall

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko went all out for their son, Kenzo Cash Hart’s, 1st birthday party. A ‘Cowboy and Indians’ themed party in which Eniko says ‘was nothing but amazing’ made fans upset saying it was cultural appropriation. Fans even questioned their liking of Kevin Hart saying he took this one too far and should have approved the party idea with his PR team. Kenzo’s birthday bash was claimed to be inappropriate and offensive to viewers, especially since the party was held during Thanksgiving.

Eniko Hart posted a picture of partygoers saying, “Zos cowboys and Indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming. We love you guys!” Kenzo was dressed as a cowboy while the others were dressed as Indians or had an Indian print shaw. Shortly after seeing the photos, Instagram users let the Harts know the party might not have been a good idea.

“Why not have a slave and overseer party? That’s just how offensive this is to Native Americans. I grew up in Minnesota, so I know first hand how offensive it is. A great family just used poor judgment. Next time run it by your PR team,” an Instagram user said.

Another user suggests that the Harts should have taken the time to educate the children in attendance about the history of Indians and Cowboys. “Idk maybe along with the theme, yall should educate your kids on Native American history and as to why some of us do feel offended. Look into #MMIW and teach your kids about that too. Nothing wrong with opening their eyes so they don’t feel and hear all the negative things. Education never hurt anybody.”

Kenzo’s party came equipped with a three-tier teepee cake and cupcakes. Although the photo’s seemed like the family had a genuinely good time fans didn’t let up, they took the heat to twitter.

“Did Kevin Hart and Eniko really throw their 1-year-old a “Cowboys and Indians” themed birthday party,” one Twitter user said. “These celebrities really love their privilege to be socially ignorant.”

“Like throw him a Paw Patrol themed party like every other infant. How a 1-year-old even gonna grasp the Cowboys and Indians concept? Eniko, honey… we know this was you,” the user continued.

Another user said, “So are we still having ‘cowboys and Indians’ themed birthday parties?!”

“Cowboys and Indians? Can you not afford a publicist who would explain the reality if such a terrible idea??

“I like Eniko and Kevin but this Cowboys and Indians party for their son, ehhh. And on Thanksgiving, no less,” another user said.

Along with the naysayers, Kevin and Eniko were supported by other users who said they didn’t see anything wrong with the party.

One user said, “So you’re getting hassled for your Cowboys, and Indians themed party for your son. As someone who can trace my roots to the Dawes Rolls, people are too quick to be offended. Truly, how does your party for your son affect them? It doesn’t. Jog on.”

Another said, “Glad your son was able to enjoy his Cowboys and Indians party. It was not for anyone but him and shame on others to be upset about it. Keep it real.”

The 39-year-old comedian and his wife have not addressed the party other than posting photos of the joyous event. Just last week Kevin Hart celebrated his oldest son, Hendrix, 11th birthday ‘Hartnite’ style mimicking the fortnight video game. Instagrammers were in awe of the party and all its creative style featuring obstacle courses and ‘Hartnite’ apparel that guest wore to the party.

Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, says the party was a success. “I have never seen so much joy and happiness on our sons face. He truly lived out one of his dreams. Thank you, Kevin Hart, for always going along with my over the top themes. This couldn’t have happened without you.”

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Getty Images

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live