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[VIDEO] Andrea Kelly Responds To An Old Video of Her Singing to R. Kelly’s “Happy People”

Andrea Kelly has been very vocal about her alleged abuse by her ex-husband, R. Kelly.

By Alexia McKay

In the controversial Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, Kelly goes into explicit details about her alleged abuse by the Pied Piper ( which after watching the documentary, has taken on a whole other meaning for us), from being hog-tied to a bed and almost ran over with a car. She joins other women who claim to have been victims of Robert’s abuse, one woman even calling him”the devil”.

However, despite the numerous accusations and emotional testimonies, there are still against the women and many have taken to social media to discredit their claims. One Twitter user posted a video of Mrs. Kelly singing along to her ex-husband’s song “Happy People” in the car.

She says to the camera, “Yes, that is my baby daddy playing in the background what ya’ll thought?”