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America’s Got Talent And Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Receives A Life Changing Surgery

Burn Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Received Surgery That Will Help Her Close Her Eyes, Turn Her Head, And Move Her Arms

By: Brianna Wigfall

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian native who was flying from the Capital Abuja to the southern city of Port Harcourt, and the plane crashed at its destination. At 16-years-old Kechi survived the crash with third-degree burns on 65% of her body. In 2017 she fulfilled her dream of singing by going on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and made it to the finals. After her short-livedĀ fame, the 29-year-old remained in pain from her scars.

‘Extra’ got ahold of Okwuchi’s story and wanted to help alleviate some of her pain. The news outlet introduced her to Artists for Trauma Laura Sharpe along with a team of medical experts. Dr. Andrew Frankel and Dr. Peter Grossman were alongside Sharpe to help assist with the extensive surgery Kechi would have to receive.