America’s First Drive-Thru Weed Shop Opens In Colorado

America’s first drive-thru weed shop has opened – featuring a hidden ‘soccer mom entrance’ for people who want to buy drugs discreetly.

The Tumbleweed Express will open its doors to marijuana lovers on Thursday in the quiet town of Parachute in Colorado.

Bosses claim the process is ‘as easy as ordering sushi’ – as customers drive up, choose their order from a menu outside and collect the product indoors.

CEO Mark Smith told ABC News: ‘Almost like ordering sushi, we’re going to have paper menus were people can fill out exactly what they want and then give them to the security out there.

‘That will be communicated into here, so they can prepare their order in advance. So really the drive-thru is hopefully just going to be a pick up point.’

For customers who want to buy marijuana without being see, Mr Smith revealed a unique solution for the former car wash.

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