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American Airlines Flight Attendant Is Suing The Company With Claims That A Co-Worker Dragged Her Down The Aisle After A Dispute

A Flight Attendant Is Suing American Airlines After A Co-Worker Allegedly Dragged Her Down The Aisle Of The Plane

By: Brianna Wigfall

American Airlines has been getting a lot of heat lately but this time it’s from one of their own. A flight attendant filed a lawsuit against the company after a co-worker allegedly dragged her down the aisle in front of passengers on the plane.  The suit says American Airlines was allegedly negligent in handling the situation in which the employee was ‘grabbed by her scarf’ by a co-worker and dragged her down the aisle.

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The incident occurred on June 1, 2016, and Kathy Ida Wolfe claims her and a co-worker, Laure Powers, were both working on the plane that day. Wolfe is requesting $1 million in damages and says, “Laure Powers maliciously dug her fingernails into my arm, and slammed the door of a beverage cart on my arm and shoulder leaving visible bruises and scratches in numerous places,” she said via the lawsuit.

Wolfe says Powers followed her into the plane’s cabin “where she grabbed my scarf, chocking me, and dragged me in the aisle and in front of the passengers.”

Wolfe claims in the American Airlines contract they were supposed to investigate the issue further and follow policies and regulations in the work environments and rules of conduct but failed to take action.

Wolfe says before reporting the attack to the authorities she filed a complaint with other flight attendants, the captain on the plane, the Dallas Fort Worth Operations, Flight Service employees, the Flight Service Manager and the Emergency Assitance Program.

Matt Miller, the American Airline spokesperson told the Daily News, “American strives to create a work environment in which all team members feel safe and respected.” The airline declined to comment on the issue at hand directly.

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live

Source: Daily News

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