Amazon Under Fire For Price Gouging Days Before Hurricane Irma With Shipping As High As $179.25

25656201 – santa clara,ca/usa – february 1, 2014: amazon building in santa clara, california. amazon is an american international electronic commerce company. it is the world’s largest online retailer.

Amazon is being accused of price gouging by selling bottles of water at nearly four times its normal cost to Floridians eager to stock up in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, it was reported on Wednesday.

Locals in Florida have cleaned out grocery stores of key necessities and supplies just days before one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic is expected to make landfall.

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Yet some of those who are looking to the e-commerce site were angered to see what they say is an attempt by Amazon to profit off an impending disaster.

‘I’m in Tampa trying to buy water online because stores are out of water and this is crazy price gouging!’ one Twitter user tweeted, attaching a photo of a 24-bottle case of Dasani water that sells online for $22.20.

Amazon was selling 24-packs of Aquafina water for $20, even though it usually sells for less than $6.

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