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Breaking News: ALF Star From The 80’s Sitcom, Michu Meszaros Dies At 76

ALF star from the eighties sitcom, Michu Meszaros dies at 76 a week after being found unconscious on his bathroom floor.

Michu Meszaros, who played ALF in the hit Eighties sitcom of the same name, has died at 76.


The tiny star was a close friend of the late Michael Jackson after appearing with him in two Pepsi adverts in 1992 and was a regular at Neverland Ranch.

The 2ft 9in actor was found unconscious on his bathroom floor late last week by his manager Dennis Varga and was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital where he remained in a coma, according to TMZ.

Varga had previously said the actor, born in Budapest, Hungary, had suffered from health problems since having a stroke eight years ago.

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Alf_5Michu had given strict instructions that the life support machines must not be turned off if his condition does not improve.

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