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After All The Lies and Betrayal, Are You Still Their Love Drug In The Bedroom?

Cheating, trust issues, we’ve all been there in one or more relationships. The portrayal is not only a mental one but an intimate one as well.

According to a recent article published in Psychology Today,  constant infidelity and mistrust can impact our partner’s pride in the bedroom. With cheating, we’ve already suggested that our significant other is not enough or lacking in the area or another, at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves. ( “It’s me, not you.”)

The author suggests after our partner cheats, or trust is lost, “you can no longer feel securely attached to a partner you can no longer trust to tell the truth. Sexual betrayal also hurts our self-esteem because it means that our partner is dissatisfied with the quality of the sex and/ or the emotional intimacy with us and is looking for and perhaps found something better with someone else.”

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