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Activist Claims In Her Book That Politicians Identified #BlackLivesMatter As A Terrorist Group

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors exposes the racist agenda behind the American government officials who labeled her organization as a terrorist group.

Photo credits: National Geographic Television

Patrisse Khan-Cullors (pictured) is the original developer of the #blacklivesmatter hashtag and she’s also the co-founder of the civil rights organization that derived from the social media movement.

Khan-Cullors is an early 30-something activist, artist, playwright, and scholar who was born in¬† Los Angeles, California. The self-proclaimed “queer advocate” was educated at the¬†University of California, Los Angeles, which is where she earned a degree after studying religion and philosophy.

The Black Lives Matter organization came about in the wake of what seemed like an endless tidal wave of nationally reported incidents of police brutality and a lack of justice in the court system that killed blacks, marginalized them, and had them reeling from the effects of an institutionally racist American system that did not value their lives.