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A Woman Was Thrown In Jail For Three Months After Authorities Thought Her Cotton Candy Was Meth

Police Mistake A Woman’s Cotton Candy For Meth And Now She’s Suing

By: Brianna Wigfall

Imagine being accused of having drugs in your car when it’s really candy! A Georgia woman was jailed for three months after police tested a blue substance found in a car that she was in and the results were positive for methamphetamine. Dasha Fincher has filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the officers who arrested her for wrongful imprisonment and violation of her civil rights. She’s also suing the makers of the field kit that the police used to determine the test results of the blue substance. Fincher says while incarcerated she was also refused medical attention for a broken hand and ovarian cyst.

Two Monroe County Sheriff deputies pulled over the car that Fincher was a passenger in on December 31, 2016. Authorities claim they pulled the car over for illegal tint but at the scene determined it was not a violation. The officers asked if they could search the vehicle and while doing so found, ‘a large, open, clear plastic bag which contained a light blue substance, spherical in shape,” on the floorboard of the car according to the suit.

When the police asked what the substance was, Fincher and her boyfriend, which was the driver, explained that it was just cotton candy, but the officers decided to test it just to make sure. When they used the field test kit, it showed that the 1.5-ounce of the blue substance contained methamphetamine.

Authorities immediately arrested both Fincher and her boyfriend for possession and trafficking of methamphetamine. The lawsuit says that Fincher, ‘repeatedly professed her innocence and stated that the blue substance was, in fact, cotton candy.”

Sirchie Acquisition Company is the distributor of the drug test, and Fincher says she is suing the company as well. While Fincher was in jail for three months, the blue substance was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for further testing. Her bail was set at $1 million, and Fincher was unable to post a bond which caused her to have to sit in jail until the results were cleared.

Fincher says she missed ‘several major life events’ including the birth of her twin grandsons and her daughter’s miscarriage. In March of 2017, the results finally showed that there were, “no controlled substances confirmed” in the blue substance in which Fincher said was cotton candy.

According to CNN, Fincher said she couldn’t believe that this was happening and she thought she would be released sooner than three months.

“At first I kept thinking I was going to get out, then the next day came, and I’d think, ‘Maybe I’ll get out tomorrow. Then tomorrow turned into the next day.”

“What I was most scared of was my granddaughter forgetting who I was,” she said.

She said she spoke with her children every day but still managed to miss the birth of her son’s twin boys and her daughter’s miscarriage. She says she filed a lawsuit in hopes that the system would change and this kind of mixup would never happen to anyone again.

“I think the best thing they could do would be to change the [drug testing] policy, or change how they test or have more training. Because it’s crazy, the way, it happened; it took so long,” she said.

Fincher says thinking back on the way things happened it still bothers her. She says it still took a while after the forensic testing came back for her to be released from jail. She says authorities never apologized to her after her wrongful arrest.

“I’ve lost a lot I can’t get back, three months is a long time,” she said.

CNN has tried to reach out to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, and Sirchie Acquisition Company has have not received a response from either.

Source: CNN, 123rf Images

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live