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A Woman Is Fatally Stabbed After Stopping To Give Money To Homeless Woman

A Black Woman Is Fatally Stabbed While Trying To Give To A Woman She Thought Was Homeless

By: Eboni Walker

A woman was fatally stabbed while trying to give to a homeless family in Maryland.

Jacquelyn Smith was riding in the car with her husband and his daughter around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday in Baltimore, when the incident occurred.

Smith reportedly rolled down the window to give to a woman who appeared to be 20 years old.

KUTV reported the woman appeared to be holding a baby wrapped in a blanket and a sign that read: “Please help me feed my baby.”

Photo: 123Rf

Smith was in the passenger seat when she rolled down the window to hand the woman some money.

According to Jeremy Silbert, with the Baltimore Police Department, “that’s when an unknown man approached the vehicle, stabbed the woman, and then left the location.”

The incident happened very quickly.