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A Police Wellness Check Turned Into Another Black Man Dying At The Hands Of Law Enforcement

Minneapolis Resident, Travis Jordan Is Dead After His Friends Call The Police For A Wellness Check

By: Eboni Walker

A 36-year-old man was shot and killed by police during a requested wellness check.

Travis Jordan was staying with his friend Paul Johnson and his wife, Allison Reinke.

The friends also worked in the hospitality business together.

On Friday, Johnson became concerned with Jordan’s well-being because he had been experiencing depression.

Photo: 123Rf

Johnson said he told Jordan that he was going to call 911 and he agreed to speak with him.

On Sunday the 911 transcript was released to media outlets, and Johnson can be heard telling the dispatcher his concerns.

“[Jordan has been] having a lot of suicidal thoughts because, um, depression, anxiety, but he’s not taking any pills for that. Um, he’s just taking alcohol for it,”

Johnson also added that he’d spoken with Jordan earlier that day and he said, “he doesn’t want to live. He doesn’t even think about his future anymore. I’ve looked through his text messages before, and he’s asked about where to find a gun for himself.  I confronted him about that a long time ago, and he said he wasn’t gonna do it.”