A Lawsuit Is Alleging That “Love Is…” Creator Sexually Assaulted And Abused Former Lover

The married show-runner for Black Lighting and co-creator of OWN’s Love Is, Salim Akil is being sued by a woman who is supposed to be his side chick– she is saying he sexually abused her for at least a decade and he stole her script idea. 

By: Aleya Bradley

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 11: Writer Mara Brock Akil (L) and director Salim Akil attend the premiere of OWN’s “Love Is_” at NeueHouse Hollywood on June 11, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Amber Dixon Brenner filed a lawsuit against him on November 20, 2018.

According to Jezebel, the lawsuit was filed and stated that there was explicit alleged abuse that she endured for over ten years.

Brenner described a multitude of events of abuse that included slapping, strangling, and forced oral sex. In the court documents, one of the incidents described was when Brenner said that she met Akil at the bowling alley to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Then Akil allegedly escorted Brenner to a bathroom where he then slapped her in the face and forced her to get on her knees to perform oral sex on him, then she said he went on to urinate in her mouth.

In another incident, Brenner describes Akil forcing three of his fingers into her a*** while he “lectured” her. This allegedly took place at Martha’s Vineyard home. He also allegedly threatened to burn Brenner with “hot grease” if she ever got married or cheated on him. Brenner said that she feared for her life and only came back to Akil because he allegedly dangled work opportunities in her face.

Within the complaint, Brenner also alleges Akil used different elements of a script she wrote in 2015 for the show that Akil co-created with his wife Mara Brock Akil on the show, Love Is.

The show Love Is…is supposed to be centered around the love story between Salim Akil and his wife Mara Brock Akil in the ’90s. The couple has been married since 1999. The love between the Akil’s is displayed by two characters by the name of Nuri and Yasir. But Brenner says the show was originally HER story, and she gave it to Salim under one agreement, and that was that they would shop it around together.

Brenner then says that Salim went “behind her back,” shopped it around and OWN was the network to pick it up. Her lawyer alleges that there are huge similarities between her show Luv & Perversity in the East Village and Love Is…

Now Brenner is suing for compensatory damages, emotional distress, attorney fees, and punitive damages. The amount that she is asking for has not been disclosed in her complaint. So far, Salim has not responded to anything.

By: Aleya Bradley

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