Domestic Violence

A Gunman Kills 6 People Including His Ex-Wife And Himself

Before Taking His Own Life A Man Kills His Ex-Wife And Four Others

About 30 witnesses are being questioned after a man in Bakersfield, California went on a shooting spree killing his Ex-wife, four others, and then himself.

The suspect has been identified as 57-year-old Javier Casarez who was freshly divorced from 45-year-old Petra Maribel according to a news conference made by Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood on Thursday.

“The way that this went down, it appears this is well planned,” said Youngblood. Casarez killed the victims with in a fifteen minute span going to three different locations targeting all the people involved. “It appears to be there’s more than just a husband and wife having a fight, because other people were targeted.” Youngblood says there seemed to be “Implications of domestic violence” but a motive has not yet been determined.

Around 5:19 p.m. Casarez and Maribel arrived at T&T Trucking where the suspect used a .50-caliber handgun to shoot a man and then his ex-wife. Youngblood says another male ran from the building trying to get away from the scene. Casarez got into his car and drove to a nearby hunting shop where he found the male that got away and shot and killed him as well.

The suspect continued to the next location nearby and killed a male and female according to the sheriff. He then carjacked a vehicle from a woman with a child inside but let them get away.

He drove the car to a nearby lot and parked where police later spotted the vehicle that had been reported stolen. As the sheriff approached the car to confront the suspect the gunman shot himself in the stomach and later died.

The rest of the victims were identified as 50-year-old Manuel Contreras, 45-year-old Antonio Valadez, 31-year-old Laura Garcia, and 57-year-old Eliseo Cazares.

The suspect and his ex-wife had been divorced for four months, and Maribel reportedly had just filed for a new child support hearing and property values according to Youngblood.

Lt. Mark King of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office told reporters “What we’re trying to find out is why this started and why were there so many players involved and the connection because obviously, these are not landing shootings.”

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live

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