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A Black Girl Was Given $68k From Her School After Her White Classmates Wrapped A Rope Around Her Neck

A Black Girl Was Repeadetly Bullied At School By Her White Classmates Until They Wrapped A Rope Around Her Neck

By: Brianna Wigfall

A black girl was granted $68,000 in damages after her classmates wrapped a rope around her neck. The girl returned home from her private school in Waco, Texas with a severe rope burn around her neck. Two years later the jury came to a final decision in which the school said was an accident.

The incident happened in 2016, and the girl’s family sued the school after three white classmates wrapped a rope around her neck and dragged her to the ground. The girl’s lawyer argued that the injuries were a result of her race and bullying. The family asked for at least $5.3 million in damages.

In court documents obtained by the NY Times, the girl was referred to as K.P.and she was a 12-year-old attending Live Oak Classical School in Waco. K.P. was on the end-of-the-year school trip to Johnson City, Texas when the tragedy happened. It wasn’t until she went home that her mother saw her neck and learned what had happened to her daughter. In a 2016 interview, her mother, Sandy Rougely, said, “That just tore me into pieces.”