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A 4-Year-Old Girl Is Given Crack At A Bronx Daycare — She Was Rushed To The ER

A 4-Year-Old Girl Brings Home Crack From Her Daycare

By: Eboni Walker

A 4-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she told her mom she’d tried crack cocaine at her daycare.

According to Sabrina Straker, her daughter brought home three small capsules that were filled with crack cocaine.

After questioning her daughter, she learned that she was given the drugs by a classmate at “Lil Inventors Child Care.”

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The little girl told her mom that a classmate had given her his tooth. When Straker asked to see it, she quickly realized that it wasn’t a tooth that her daughter had, but something dangerous.

“I look at it, and it’s not one piece… it’s two smaller pieces,” she said. “[I thought], OK, clearly this is not a tooth.”

Straker said that she immediately took the three capsules to the local precinct and a narcotics detective told her that it was crack cocaine.

Everything started to make sense to Straker. Her daughter had been acting usually hyper all day.

“We kept saying, ‘Why are you so hyper today, Serenity? Normally, you think she has a lot of sugar or something like that at school,” Straker said.

Serenity then told her mom that she’d tried the “tooth” after the classmate pressured her to try it.

She was then rushed to the ER, where she tested positive for crack cocaine.

“I’m frustrated, I’m annoyed, I’m disappointed,” Straker said.

The daycare has not yet made a statement about the incident nor have they called and spoke with Straker to make sure her daughter was okay.

Little serenity is fine now, but she hasn’t returned back to the daycare yet.

The police are currently investigating the situation.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram & Twitter: EboniMWalker

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