Sex Shocking

A 14 Year-Old Teen Is Accused Of Raping And Killing A 83 Year-Old Woman

A Baltimore Teen Is The Youngest Murder Suspect Of The Year After Being Accused Of Killing And Raping A 83-Year-Old Woman

Just a month after turning 14 years old, Tyrone Harvin was arrested on Friday accused of raping and physically assaulting 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal which later resulted in her death.

Dorothy Mae Neal was known throughout her neighborhood and got around very well. Her neighbor raised concerns after not seeing her for several days and finally called the police.

Police found Neal in her apartment unresponsive and rushed her to the University of Maryland Medical Center where she later died the next day.

“Almost 70 years separate our victim and suspect,” said police spokesman T.J. Smith according to the Baltimore Sun. “It’s sad all the way around. There’s some systematic failure in the 14-year-old’s life to allow us to be here talking about him being accused of murder and rape. It’s just a very tragic situation all the way around.”