9-Year-Old Posts On Facebook Video Begging For Help With Bullying

A bullied nine-year-old has asked for help in a heart-rending Facebook video during which she says she’s been kicked, punched in the face and choked at school.

Nasir Andrews – one of 40 black children at a school with 343 students – from Bellevue, Washington, says the bullies at Ardmore Elementary School would also utter racist comments, calling her ‘Nutella’ and ‘servant’.

Her mother Chantey posted the video of Nasir narrating her experience using flash cards after months of telling teachers and the school administration about the situation.

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‘Kids ran from me,’ she notes in the powerful video. ‘I don’t feel like anybody is helping or cares. I want kids and adults know to my story. Bullying is real. It hurts for myself and other kids. Help change the ending.’

Nasir moved to the school last summer from Georgia, where she says she had many friends and did not experience bullying, KIRO-TV reports.

The fourth grader says at her new school, the kids would either eat her snack or throw it away. She says during recess, the kids would run from her.  One student even sent her a note with the words ‘die, die, die’, along with a drawing of a gun.

The bullies would also tease her for buying a reduced-price lunch and mock her continuously on the school bus, forcing her parents to pack her lunch and to drive her to school each day.

The children were not the only culprits, according to Nasir’s account. An office worker once threw food at her, she says.

Amidst all this, Nasir says her teachers ignored her complaints.

‘A student called me “Nutella” and I told my after-school teacher and she said it wasn’t racist and she made me write the definition of racist,’ Nasir recalls.

Nasir’s mother, Chantey, says the school has been slow in taking action against bullying.

‘Our fear is there is a culture that has been established at the school where it is almost OK for the children to exercise different forms of treatment and bullying and harassment,’ she says.

‘And there’s not a conversation being had with them saying, “No, this is unacceptable.”

Nasir’s father, Travis Andrews, believes the teachers mishandled the situation because they didn’t see the ‘broader picture’.

‘I wish they would have paid more attention to the bigger picture,’ he says.

‘I think a lot of the incidents were taken individually and handled individually and if it was more of a broader picture, and they were able to connect more of the dots, we would have probably stopped this earlier in the year.’

The Bellevue School District released a statement regarding the video that has been viewed close to 800,000 times, since it was posted on Friday: ‘We are saddened by the experience shared in the Facebook video you referenced.

‘We are very concerned about the well-being of all of our students. We can assure you that district and central office leaders continue to work with the family to ensure that their daughter and every student at Ardmore is receiving the support they need.

‘The harassment, intimidation and bullying of any student is unacceptable. In the case you referenced, an investigation into the allegations has been in process.’

The Andrews are in the process of transferring her to a new school.


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