8-Year-Old Suspected Of Killing 1-Year-Old Toddler At Michigan Day Care

An eight-year-old girl is suspected in the tragic death of a one-year-old boy who was left unsupervised in an at home day care in Michigan.

The body of the one-year-old, identified by his mother as Korey Brown, was found concealed Friday morning in a bedroom of ‘Keysha Keepers,’ Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis said.

The cause of death remains unknown, and a five-year-old who was also at the day care center may be the only witness who can give insight into what happened to the baby.

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Police believe that the children were unsupervised for ‘a couple of hours’ at the time of the death.

Lewis said that it is likely that Korey started to cry, and the eight-year-old went to help him when he was upset.

About adults in the home, Lewis told WZZM: ‘I have all indications that they were in the house, they could have been on another floor, they could have been resting.

‘I do not know what they were dong, but I do know they were not in the area or this would not have occurred’.

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