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7 Black Men Helped Fire Rescue Save Victims Jumping From A Burning Apartment Building

6 People, Including A Baby, Were Urged To Jump From A Burning Apartment Building

By: Brianna Wigfall

A Dallas fire broke out in an apartment complex, and six people were forced to jump out of the building on Wednesday morning. A baby was also tossed from the third-floor apartment as black smoke grew and fogged the highway near the building. The intense fire was caught on video as people leaped to safety and residents stood around making sure people got out. Seven black men were alongside fire rescue to help people escape the building, and one even caught the toddler who was thrown from the third floor.

The resident told Fox 4 News that he seen the fire as he was getting in his car to leave home and he saw the flames coming out of the roof of the building. Byron Campbell says he got out of his car and tried to warn people on the third floor to get out now.