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6-Year-Old Boys Facebook Video Urging People To Put An End To Violence Goes Viral

A St Louis mother has shared a video of her son expressing his fears about the violent crime taking place in the city on Facebook.

Jeffrey Laney was recorded by his mother asking the people of St Louis to ‘just act good’ on Saturday.

‘A lot of people need to stop killing each other around here because this is just making me feel bad,’ the six-year-old said, as he began explaining his fear of violence.

See Video Below.

His mother, Leanndra Cheatham, posted the video in the hopes it will make adults think about the toll their actions are taking on innocent and impressionable children in the community, according to Fox 2.

‘I just want people to stop killing each other,’ he said.

In the video, Jeffrey says more people should turn to religion instead of taking up crime.

‘I feel bad about people killing each other, because god is going to help your brain. God is going to make you safe. God is going to do as much as he can for you. God loves you with all of his heart,’ he urged.

After posting the video, his mother received a Facebook message from a man who said he was going to shoot someone in an act of revenge, but decided to put the gun down after hearing the boy’s message.

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