6-Year-Old Boy Killed After Thieves Stole Car He Was Sitting In From Grocery Store Parking Lot

A grief-stricken mother collapsed and had to be carried by relatives after learning her six-year-old son had been shot dead.

Kingston Frazier from Mississippi, who went missing Thursday after thieves stole his mother’s Toyota Camry, was shot at least once in the back seat of the vehicle, which was abandoned in a muddy ditch, said Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones.

Two men, Dwan Wakefield and DeAllen Washington, have been named by law enforcement as persons of interest in the death.

Wakefield, 18, is in custody of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, and authorities are still searching for Washington.

Frazier had gone missing after 1am Thursday when a man took the car from the parking lot of a Kroger supermarket in Jackson.

About nine hours later, following a child-abduction alert and widespread publicity, a man reported the Camry was on the side of a dead-end road in the suburb of Gluckstadt.

Officials publicly announced the boy’s death while surrounded by grieving family members.

‘A six-year-old is gone,’ said Kingston’s cousin, Kolby Irby. ‘His mother has to deal with this. That’s her baby.’

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