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Woman Gets Paid To Cuddle Strangers Who Have Never Touched A Black Woman

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-7-16-58-pmAmaka Ukpong is a professional cuddler. Her services can be sought at $80/hour on

She feels like her work is therapeutic and impactful for those who are seeking human comfort. She says it is not sexual and she is simply trying to help people get the hugs that they need.

She said that as a black woman in the industry she sometimes encounters clients who have never touched a black woman before.

“I have been contacted by many Caucasian males that have expressed so many times to me, they’ve never had close contact with a woman of color,” she told BET. “And so for them it’s new, it’s interesting. I get a lot who say, ‘I’ve never touched a Black woman before,’ because maybe it was something that wasn’t encouraged, or allowed growing up. And they think somehow it’s supposed to be different.”

She is hoping that what she does can help generate a feeling of acceptance and love.

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