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5-Year-Old’s Hilariously Blunt Valentine’s Day Card Goes Viral, People Praise Her Confident Approach

‘You love me Julian. From Willa.’ Five-year-old’s hilariously blunt Valentine’s Day cards go viral, as people praise her for ‘reinventing the game’ with her confident approach

A little girl’s new twist on the Valentine’s Day greeting has put social media in stitches.

Michael Cruz Kayne of Brooklyn was sifting through his five-year-old daughter Willa’s Valentine’s card she had been writing out for her class on Tuesday when he noticed what he assumed was a grammatical mistake. Steely stare: Five-year-old Willa of Brooklyn, New York, has gained online fame after her father Michael Cruz Kayne shared her creative Valentine's Day cards online

Instead of a generic Valentine’s greeting such as ‘Be Mine’ or even ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, very one of the multi-colored notes read ‘You Love Me.’

To the point: Michael noticed that instead of the standard Valentine's greeting, Willa had written 'You Love Me' on every card

Michael, assuming that his daughter hadn’t quite understood what she had written, asked Willa if she had made a mistake.

Proud dad: Michael shared the funny exchange with his daughter online

Amused by his confident daughter, Michael shared the story on Twitter, writing: ‘My five year old daughter is writing Valentines for her kindergarten class and has written on all of them, “You love me.”’