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3yo Girl Taken From Adoptive Parents After Biological Father Demands Custody

Court Has Ordered Three-Year-Old Girl To Be Taken From Adoptive Family That Raised Her From Birth After Her Biological Father Demands Custody After Being Released From Jail.

A couple in South Carolina is fighting to keep a three-year-old girl they legally adopted at three weeks old after losing a court ruling to her biological father who was just released from prison and wants to raise her.

Three-year-old Braelynn has lived with Tammy and Edward Dalsing since she was a newborn in Rock Hill, WBTV reported.

Despite legally adopting the toddler in 2015, a court recently ruled that she belongs with her biological father, Andrew Jack Myers, after he appealed the adoption order.

‘I’m just blown away. I just don’t understand how you can do this to a child,’ Edward told the television station.

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According to court documents, Myers had criminal charges pending prior to the mother’s pregnancy.

He turned himself into authorities when the mother, Erica Smith, became pregnant with their child so that he could serve his prison sentence before the child was born.

Smith gave up her parental rights while Myers was incarcerated and due to that, his rights were also terminated, according to court documents.

The three-year-old’s biological father claims that should have never happened and a judge agreed with him last month and vacated the couple’s adoption order.

‘It would be the equivalent of having both of your parents die. Well, your whole family, her sisters, her brothers,’ Tammy said, who has fostered the little girl with her husband since she was three weeks old.

‘The judge was so clear on why she chose us and why she did not choose the biological father or his family members. She was very clear.’

Edward said he was ‘stunned’ when the court sided with her biological father in their case.

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