36-Year-Old Father Livestreams His Own Fatal Police Shooting

Black Tennessee Man Streams The Moment Police Shot Him During A Traffic Stop On Facebook Live.

A Louisiana man livestreamed his own fatal shooting by a police officer on Facebook during a traffic stop on Thursday as his fiancee watched helplessly.

Rodney James Hess, 36, was acting erratically and had attempted to hit cops with his car ‘at least twice’ before he was killed at around 2:15pm, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told  NBC News.

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In the video streamed on Facebook Live from a roadside in Alamo, Tennessee, Hess can be heard saying he wants to speak to ‘the higher commands’ before leaving his car.

He then appears to make some kind of movement and is shot several times through his windshield.

Hess, who is from New Orleans and lives in Texas but had been visiting his mother in Memphis, can be heard screaming after being hit, then appears to crash his vehicle.

His phone drops to the floor and begins to ring, while the sound of breaking glass – possibly officers trying to open the car door – can be heard.

He died after being airlifted to hospital.

Hess’s fiancee, Johnisha Provost, said that his request to speak to ‘the higher command’ was a sign that he was asking for help.

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