UPDATE: 3 Teens Charged With Capital Murder For Shooting & Killing 6-Year-Old Boy

Three Mississippi teens including ex-high school quarterback are charged with capital murder of little boy, six, who was shot and killed after being kidnapped in the back of a car they stole.  Byron McBride, 19, and DeAllen Washington, 17, both of Jackson, and Dwan Wakefield, 17 (the ex-football player), of Ridgeland – were arrested, held without bond and are being charged with the capital murder of Kingston Frazier.

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The 6-year-old boy, Kingston Frazier, was found dead in the back seat of his mother’s Toyota Camry on Thursday after it was stolen from outside a store in Jackson and later abandoned in a muddy ditch.

CNN reported that all three teens will be charged as adults with capital murder for the killing of a child during a kidnapping, District Attorney Michael Guest said in a press conference Thursday. They’re also facing auto theft charges in Hinds County, according to the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

Multiple state and local agencies collaborated on the investigation, including the Jackson Police Department, the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the MBI. The FBI is also investigating, Hall said.

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Source: DailyMail

A grief-stricken mother collapsed and had to be carried by relatives after learning her six-year-old son had been shot dead.

Kingston Frazier from Mississippi, who went missing Thursday after thieves stole his mother’s Toyota Camry, was shot at least once in the back seat of the vehicle, which was abandoned in a muddy ditch, said Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones.

Two men, Dwan Wakefield and DeAllen Washington, have been named by law enforcement as persons of interest in the death.

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