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15-Year-Old ‘STEM’ Student Encourages Classmates To Explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

High School Sophomore Creates An Initiative To Promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

By: Eboni Walker

A Delaware teen is making headlines for encouraging black girls to explore school subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Jacqueline Means has created a program that will share the importance of majoring in subjects that may intimidate young girls.

The Means founded the Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative earlier this year.

She currently serves as Miss New Castle County Outstanding Teen 2018.

Means is currently a sophomore in high school and has maintained a 4.0 GPA since her freshmen year. She has impacted more than 250 girls in her area.

Means was even recognized by the Governor of Delaware and was awarded for her impact on the Delaware community.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: BET

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