15-Year-Old and His 11-Year-Old Sister Shot Dead By Intruders While Home Alone

PICTURED: Boy, 15, and his 11-year-old sister shot dead by intruders while home alone as their parents were on a night out

A 15-year-old boy and his 11-year-old his sister were shot dead while home alone during a home invasion in Georgia on Saturday morning.

Siblings Daveon and Tatiyana Coates (below) were home with several other children, aged between six and 15, when the deadly home invasion took place around 5am.

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Daveon was one of the oldest children in the home at the time when an unknown number of people entered the home on Libby Lane before later escaping.

The other children inside at the time were not harmed.

It appears two families live in the house located in Jonesboro but no parents were there at the time of the shootings because they were reportedly out for the night.


Another child inside the home called 911 to report the home invasion and when officers arrived they found Daveon and Tatiyana dead, according to CBS46.


  • Come on haters FIFTEEN is old enough to be home alone. This is a tragedy nothing more. Young lives snuffed out. Let’s not make the parents feel worse.
    My ptayers are with the family

  • did they find the person/persons that did this? why only those 2 if there where others in the home? what
    t is the reasoning for the invasion and only killing these 2 children? did they take anything? I am so tired of pple killing children I do not understand at all how someone can kill a child and just act like it is not a big thing! I just do not understand it WHEN I WAS GROWING UP AND MY CHILDREN WHERE GROWING UP YOU NEVER HEARD OF THIS. AND IT IS JUST GETTING TO BE AN EVERYDAY THING PPLE KILLING CHIDREN. I really am trying to figure out why!

    • Because people today have no fear of police are being arrested being put in jail. Their raise that they can do anything they want and nothing will happen to them. No respect for anybody Or anyone

  • I would like to know where the parents of all these children were at 5a.m. om a Saturday morning?I understand going out for a few hours,but all night.Give me a break.Maybe they where with family and friends for something very important.But still all night at least one set on parents should have went home.So sorry for your loss.I prayer that they find who did this and soon.God be with these families give them peace,justice,understanding and faith that the law will find out who done this horrible thing.Fly High little ANGELS.


  • I have to say first why did the parents leave such Young’s kids to take care all the rest of the kids ranging from different ages they should of hired someone older it’s so sad that two kids had to lose there life just so sad I don’t really know what to say I just ask you Lord to put a covering over the entire family in the name of the father the son ad the holy ghost amen and Amen

  • My suspicion is that the other parents apart from the ones whose children were killed should be treated as first suspects, they know something. Parents are not at home .what a coincidence that only children of one family are killed?

  • So sad my kids went to school with them. Just a tragedy what kind of animals can kill children. Father God please protect our children and please give the family strength to get through this in Jesus name????

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