12-Year-Old Girl Killed The Day Before Starting School By A Gunman Who Opened Fire On Her Home

A 12-year-old girl was fatally shot inside her home after a gunman opened fire on her house before the little girl’s first day of middle school the next day.

Makiya Walls died shortly after being rushed to the hospital with several gun shot wounds in Victorville, California, on Wednesday night.

San Bernardino County police said an unknown gunman had exited his car and unloaded several bullets into a downstairs window of Makiya’s home around 8.30pm.

The little girl, who was set to start her first day of middle school the next day, happened to be sitting near the window when she was struck.

Less than two hours before Makiya’s death, her mother uploaded a photo of her, saying: ‘Where does the time go? My pretty baby starts middle school tomorrow. I’m not ready!’

Police responded to a call to Makiya’s home located at the 17000 block of Monaco Drive about 8.20pm, according to a press release.

Makiya had been ‘inside the residence in close proximity to the front window’ and was struck by the bullets’, according to Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jodi Miller.

The little girl was taken to a nearby hospital and although doctors performed life-saving procedures, she died from her injures shortly before 10pm that night.

Authorities are still searching for the gunman, described by police as a black man, who had fired at the house several times using a shotgun.

Police said the suspect possibly fled the scene in a white four- door sedan that had an unknown make and model. Authorities have not released a motive yet.

Neighbor Ronnie Barraza said Makiya would often walk her dog on the sidewalk and he was ‘devastated’ by her death.

He added to the Daily Press: ‘She was a good kid. She was a good little girl.’

A witness said she first thought the loud pops were fireworks.

Speaking to the Daily Press, Linda Fierro said: ‘They were just too close together. Then, I saw the neighbors come out screaming that their daughter had been shot.’

Another woman claims that her son hear the gun being reloaded, adding: ‘This is a decent neighborhood.

‘It’s quiet, no one’s out at night partying or what have you and then something like this happens.’

Other family members were inside the residence at the time of the shooting but no other injuries were reported.

Police are still looking for the at-large suspect as of Thursday afternoon.


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