12-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Pouring Boiling Water On 11-Year-Old Friend At A Sleepover

These are the excruciating injuries of an 11-year-old girl who had boiling water poured over her by a friend at a sleepover.

Jamoneisha Merritt is in hospital in Harlem, New York, with second degree burns to her face, shoulders and back, are severely burned and have skin missing.

Aniya Grant Stuart, the 12-year-old who threw the water on her, is in a different hospital after trying to kill herself with a knife.

Her mother has revealed that when she saw the extent of the injuries she’d inflicted on her friend, she tried to take her own life.

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Jamoneisha was asleep when she had the water thrown on her at her the Panton’s home in The Bronx on Monday night.

According to her mother Ebony, Aniya waited until she went to sleep then boiled water and filled a cup with it.

She poured it on Jamoneisha’s head, neck, face and chest.

She sat up suddenly, screaming and crying, and was taken to hospital.

‘Her friends wanted to play the hot water challenge and that’s what happened,’ Ebony said on social media, sharing a photograph of her little girl screaming in agony as doctors tried to treat her burns.

Jamoneisha remains in the intensive care unit at Harlem Hospital Center.

Shernett Panton, Aniya’s mother, said the incident occurred at around 4am.

She told New York Daily News her daughter was retaliating after Jamoneisha threw cold water on her earlier in the day.

‘They always prank each other. My daughter was sleeping and Jamoni poured cold water on Aniya.

‘My daughter was like, “OK, if you’re gonna do a prank on me, I’m gonna prank you back.”

‘But my daughter — I don’t know what she was thinking — boiled hot water and poured it on Jamoni’s face,’ she said.

After learning how seriously she’d hurt her friend, she stabbed herself with a knife.

Her mother condemned her behavior but said: ‘What she did was really wrong, but it’s too much right now.

My daughter is 12. Everybody makes mistakes.’

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